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The David Richmond Room


The images below are the highlight of my senior year. Which entailed an internship I acquired through East White Oak Community Center, designing a museum style exhibit for David Richmond one of the Greensboro four 1960.   My senior year was filled with excitement and enthusiasm for my passion to design. However there are two different experiences for different design relations. For example, I’ve been designing since my freshmen year of the Interior Architectural program. However this type of design gave me experience with computer aided design, model making, graphic design, as well as conceptual design. While I received another culture of experience while working with the community center; which consisted of hands on building, budgeting, management, social skill relations, as well as real time deadlines for a major project.

david richmond booklet

IARc Studio 2012


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Jackson Inside Out


Jackson Template 2

Review- Kacie Leisure


In reviewing my colleague Kacie Leisure’s design of the New Jackson Library space, I am guided through her space with the motion of waving panels designed in the ceiling. These tiles which hang from the ceiling are designed with great care as they are not only design elements rather they serve as an acoustical system for sound. This is a very creative technique in which Kacie uses to display her concept of water and it’s flow.

The space in which Kacie depicts is full of life and vibrant color. The color palette that Kacie choose isn’t overpowering or under developed. The color palette that she chooses is a set of complementary colors. These colors blue and orange are placed carefully throughout the space, so that where there are important instances like the elevators which are highlighted with an orange color offset by the navy blue tiles carpet .

Within Kacie’s design I believe that her concept of rhythm is depicted well with her floor plan alone. In the front room highlighted with blue the space planning shows rhythm throughout the space. However when you reach the threshold the transition between the front room or reading area and the  check out area is disconnected. I would have liked to have seen the rhythm of the reading room layout continue through the entire first floor of the library. Although the transition is quite distant the creativity in her space and it’s simplicity is appreciated.

Elevator Speech


After reading Using Evidence for space Planning and reviewing the various diagrams presented I found that the Jackson and the Music Library has very common issues within their interiors. One of the most common issues that they have  is their miss use of space. Both the Jackson and the Music libraries don’t use the space they have properly.Not only did these two libraries have these similarities but they also changed my thinking about the importance of a circulation desk. My initial thoughts about a circulation desk was they weren’t that important. However after reviewing and reading the statistics of the human interaction and their confusion of the space I realized that a circulation desk was imperative.

Although there were many simularities with the issues in both the Jackson and the Music library, the Jackson library had many issues outside the ones presented with the Music Library. In reading Using evedence about Space planning, there were a lot of surveys taken that were conducted, and answered by the students, who complained mainly about way finding. In the Jackson Library way finding is hard, especially in a space that has multiple levels. After reading the survey concerning personal space, I found that many students would have rather studied in an area that was community base with a cafe perhaps or a lounge versus traditional reading and studying spaces. Among the many things that one can find wrong with the Jackson Library, I would create an better and a diverse learning area for all type of learning styles.